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Fri, July 19, 2019, 13:39

Pakhshe Razi Private Joint Stock Co.
Head Office: No. 29, Masoud Saad St., Jomhouri Ave., Tehran 



Company Brief History

Pakhshe Razi Private Joint Stock Co. was established on July 6, 1984, registered at the Companies & Industrial Property Registry under No. 53284 on August 20, 1984, and launched its actual operations in October 1984. The principal office of the company is located in Tehran and it maintains two distribution centers in Tehran and 18 centers in other provinces. Taking advantage of a conversant and experienced staff, diverse facilities, updated top notch management, continuous training and quite a sizeable capital, the company has ensured its persistent presence in the pharmaceuticals and medical services market. The company is committed to procure, supply and distribute only the standard pharmaceuticals and medical equipment approved by the Ministry of Health & Medical Education as well as other competent authorities.


Pakhshe Razi Co. is a supplier and distributor of human pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, and plays a crucial role in the procurement and supply of medicines and medical equipment within the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In line with the foregoing role, the company has undertaken the following missions:

1.    Purchase and sale of human pharmaceuticals.

2.    Purchase and sale of medical equipment.

3.    Import and export of human pharmaceuticals.

4.    Investment in the manufacture and distribution of human pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

5.    Conducting academic, research and cultural activities aimed at enhancing the public’s awareness of pharmaceutical and medical information.

6.    Protection and enhancement of the company's human resources.

Major Goals

1.    Provision of the required human pharmaceuticals both in Iran and the region.

2.    Improvement of the customers' and shareholders' satisfaction.

3.    Improvement of the quality of the distribution of pharmaceuticals.

4.     Efficiency in the conduct of tasks.

5.    Increasing the company's share of the local provision and supply of human pharmaceuticals.

6.    Increasing the company's share of the regional markets.

7.    Setting up a powerful and dynamic organization.



The operation of Pakhshe Razi Co. is primarily focused inside the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, the companys' overseas priority is the countries of the region, where the company takes advantage of all available opportunities in order to stabalize its position. Our customers include all the Iranian manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment as well as medical  services centres including hospitals, clinics and pharmacies  and the regional manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. Pakhshe Razi Co. is committed  as its top priority to the protection of the public interest, assurance of the quality of services, adherence to the international standards in particular GSP and GDP on the basis of WHO guidelines as well as the satisfaction of the customers. In line with this undertaking, since 2011 the company has established the quality management system (ISO 9001) in the storage, distribution and sale of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment thereby contributing to the constant improvement of the service providing processes and the enhancement of customer satisfaction.


Pakhshe Razi Co. is contemplating plans to improve the quality of its services both at the national and regional level especially in the Middle Eastern Muslim countries, through taking advantage of committed management and staff. The company has set its goal to qualify as the most reliable and creditable provider and distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment in the Middle East Region.


The extent of the scope of activity of Pakhshe Razi Co. in Iran?

By maintaining 20 distribution centers across the country, Pakhshe Razi Co. covers all the customers of human pharmaceuticals nationwide, including more than ten thousand private and state-run pharmacies, hospitals and clinics.

Does Pakhshe Razi Co. possess the temperature-controlled supply chain facilities known as Cold Chain', required for the distribution of such products and vaccines and biologic medicines?

Pakhshe Razi Co. has equipped its cold stores at all its distribution centers as well as its transportation fleet with 'Cold Chain' facilities. We are one of the first and foremost companies authorized by the Iranian Ministry of Health to distribute the pharmaceuticals that require temperature-controlled supply facilities.

Where does Pakhshe Razi Co. stand in respect of the distribution and sale of imported pharmaceuticals?

According to the latest statistics published by the Iranian Ministry of Health, Pakhshe Razi Co. is ranked first among the distributors of imported pharmaceuticals. This company is one of the largest distributors of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment in Iran having contracts with more than 140 local and international suppliers. Some of our international suppliers include:

Pfizer, Kederin, Sanofi-Aventis, Novartis, Genzyme, Ferring, CSL-Behring, Merck, Senrono Pharma, Cenexi, Asterazenca, Swiss Caps, Glaxo, Astellas, Mercury B-L, Abboot, Orion Pharma, Ipsen Pharma, Combino.



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